Welcome to the online home of the UK’s most darkly charming band….

We’re playing at the Autumn Antifolk festival at the 12 Bar Club, London WC2 on Friday 16th November. The festival sees a selection of regular Antifolk heavyweights, Schwervon and Major Matt Mason from the US and debuts by new acts like Cookie Cutterr from Manchester, Iona Marshall and U & Me, who features the large guy from the Office.

Kinkajou’s page on MySpace.com is now up and running..you can find us at http://www.myspace.com/kinkajoulondon . So please visit us there and be our friends!

Those fine folk who run the Blang anti-folk nights have put out “Fruit Machine” – an excellent compilation of songs by artists who have played
at Blang. As we are one such acts and were graciously asked to contribute,you’ll find “Nocturne” from Seeping Beauty on there along with a zillion other goodies.
The CD is available in all good record shops and has started to gather some great reviews. One of which, at www.joyzine.co.uk, rather bizarrely described Nocturne as a “short and sweet tribute to the 70’s…”

Both Kinkajou CDs (Candlelight & Scars and Seeping Beauty) now available for purchase online via CD Baby as well as by download from I-Tunes.



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